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Lexbreezy and founder Alexis Akiona have donated $50,000 over five years to Honolulu Community College to provide 20 scholarships every year for Fashion and Cometology students, with a preference for Native Hawaiian students. Alexis was inspired to give back as she also received a scholarship established by Manuhealii that allowed her to focus on her studies full time while she was a student at Honolulu Community College in the Fashion Technology program. Her mission is "to inspire the younger generation to embrace aloha wear and to inspire them to chase their dreams." All it takes is someone to believe in you.

The Lexbreezy Scholarship helps to provide scholarship assistance to students enrolled in the Fashion or Cosmetology programs at the University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College.

Read more about Lexbreezy, Alexis, and the LexBreezy Scholarship here.




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