LexBreezy Hawai'i is a custom cut and sew clothing brand which comprises of one-of-a-kind signature styles and resort wear, with a modern twist of Aloha.

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Designed in Hawai'i, each piece speaks to a new generation eager to wear cutting edge-elegant tropical designs that reflect the true beauty of the Hawai’ian islands and culture. Lexbreezy Hawai'i tells a story of what aloha wear is today and inspires all generations to embrace the daily adornment of aloha wear.

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Timelessness Creativity

Woven into every garment is timelessness, creativity, and a sentiment from the islands that you cannot find anywhere else. Lexbreezy Hawai'i has become the darling of many enthusiastic buyers, and its exclusive prints and styles sell out quickly. Lines form outside of Lexbreezy Hawai'i on release days because customers know that items are created exclusive with limited pieces in each size and style.

Made in Hawai'i

Alexis first started Lexbreezy Hawai'i in 2016 cutting and sewing dresses in Honolulu, Hawai'i. After years of growth, Lexbreezy Hawai'i continues to manufacture in Hawai'I, and has been fortunate enough to grow overseas.

Meet Our Designer
Alexis Akiona

Alexis Akiona is an innovative local entrepreneur and designer. She joined the clothing industry at the age of 22 and launched Lexbreezy Hawai'i at the Merrie Monarch Craft Fair in 2016 where she brought her first collection of hand designed aloha wear. The designs were an instant hit with their flirty, fun, elegant styles. Aloha wear had a new ultra-modern approach!

About The Designer

Alexis comes from a family of artists and entrepreneurs. She took early
inspiration from her mother, Lola Miller, who was the designer and founder of the popular Simply Sisters clothing brand.

"From when I was young. I saw how my mom was inspired by the Big Island, and how she reflected that in her designs. And that love for Hawai'i, along with my Dad's business sense, and guiding hand, helped me develop a sense of what's possible."

What's possible involves a growing organization of multiple brands, a determination to inspire other young women in Hawai'i to succeed, and passion for reflecting the beauty of everyday life in Hawaii through fabric and design. With thousands of followers.

LexBreezy Hawai'i fans look for limited edition, ever evolvingdesigns that suit their busy lifestyles, and make a statement about who they are. "Part of our message, in creating a new wave ofaloha wear. "says Akiona, "is to inspire all generations to who wear aloha wear." The brand is flirty, fun, at times bold, and burstingwith inspiration from Hawaii's culture, both past and present.

And the Lexbreezy passion for new wave aloha wear is contagious.In 2020. inspired by her two young sons. Alexis created Lexbreezy Keiki line. And in 2022, she helped her husband James, tolaunch Kane Collective Hi featuring active beach wear for dads.As a young mom, a busy business executive, and a hands ondesigner and much-loved boss. Akiona has not lost sight of her vision, as LexBreezy grows. "We are passionate about creatingunique designs, that reflect the beauty of where we live, and of the women who live here. We want to encourage those whowear LexBreezy to follow their dreams." And through each original design, the Lexbreezy message is clear:

- Be Bold. Have Fun.Look Gorgeous.
And Live YOUR best Hawaii life.

Meet The Team

The Future is Wahine

Lexbreezy Hawai’i is comprised of an all wahine team. Each woman on our team is from a different area of O’ahu. From the Windward to the Leeward side, everyone works united. This allows them to empower one another while building the foundation of Lexbreezy Hawai’i’s legacy.