Lexbreezy Hawai’i

Creative. Timeless. Sentimental.



Driven by the need to inspire the young generation to embrace the daily adornment of Aloha wear, Alexis Ahakuelo aka LexBreezy is a young and upcoming female fashion designer based in Hawai'i to whom fashion is the ultimate creative outlet. Blending together her passion for clothes with her fascination and flair for design, she seeks to revolutionize the industry by incorporating the influences of the Hawaiian culture and design into every attire.

LexBreezy Hawai’i is a custom cut and sew clothing brand which comprises of one-of-a-kind signature styles in a modern twist of Aloha and resort wear. Made and designed in Hawai'i each piece is intricately designed original hand drawn patterns that truly reflect the local culture, each artistic piece projects a very refined and elegant look that runs abound with the floral patterns, and tropical designs that are typical for the area.

While color and brightness are a given, each material is especially chosen to achieve the intended aesthetics which accentuate every wearer’s individuality in a positive light. Versatile and diverse, our ever expanding and evolving collection is fashion-forward keeping you tastefully and modernly dressed at all times. Fun and flirty, wearable and edgy… no matter the season, we have got you covered with our exclusive bespoke attires and services even as we endeavor to afford you the chance to experience paradise while hanging loose. Comfortable and durable, LexBreezy Hawai’i injects a young and flirty twist to Hawaiian wear and is as ideal for a casual day out and about as it is dressy for an evening out. Woven into every garment is a timelessness, creativity and sentimentality that is as random as it is unique.