Lexbreezy Hawaii is a custom cut and sew clothing brand made in Hawaii and created by young designer, Alexis Ahakuelo aka Lexbreezy. With original hand drawn patterns that reflect Hawaii culture, Lex's Spring/Summer 2016 line is very fun, flirty, wearable, and edgy.

About The Designer

Alexis Ahakuelo is a 24 year-old up-&-coming Hawaii designer. Ever since working in retail at the age of 18, Lex has always wanted to venture out on her own to create a clothing line inspired by "living in paradise". One of her greatest influences has always been her mother, Regina "Lola" Miller, creator of Hawaii lifestyle brand Simply Sisters. Lex has decided to follow in her mothers footsteps. Her positive outlook on what its like to transition from retail to launching her own brand of clothing is one to admire: "I am learning as I go," says Lex.

"If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs."